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Products We Offer
We offer Paints & Coatings that are based on industrial requirements and unique applications. These are developed to be cost-effective, protective and productive. Our major products comprise:

  • Putty
    • NC Putty
    • Polyester Putty
    • Auto Body Filler
    • Epoxy Putty
  • Primers
    • NC Primer
    • PU Primer
    • Sync Primer
    • Epoxy Primer
  • Hardner
    • Melamine Hardner
    • PU Hardner
    • Epoxy Hardner
  • Thinner
    • Epoxy Thinner
    • Retarder Thinner
    • Thinner Melamine
    • Retarder Thinner
  • Wood Finish
    • NC Lacquer
    • NC Sanding Sealer
    • Melamine Finish
    • Silkwood
    • Wood Stainers
  • Automotive Finish
    • NC Paint
    • Auto Finish
    • QD Enamel
    • PU Finish
    • 1K Finish
  • Industrial Coating
    • Anticorrosive & Water Proofing
    • Road Marking & Floor Coating
    • Stoving Paint
    • Heat Resistance Paint
    • Hi Performance Epoxy
  • Decorative
    • Synthetic Enamel
    • Wall Primer
    • Acrylic Distamper
    • Exterior Emulsin
  • Miscellaneous
    • Rust Converter
    • Epoxy Crack Filler
    • Plastic Primer
    • Degreasing Solvent

Research & Development  
We are investing for the development of our R&D facility, on a continuous basis. Also, we have accumulated a number of instrumentation to meet the industrial standards. We strive to accomplish innovative and economical solutions for our customers. Our R&D wing is active in the development of new products and upgrading the existing range.   

Dispatch & Marketing Management  
We always try to achieve effective supply of materials on a regular basis to customers throughout India. For this aim, we have invested a huge sum in the infrastructure. We have ERP software to place and track the orders. Also, we have 50 to 60 trained marketing staff who assist our applicators and customers. Also, we have online help center to serve the customers more effectively.    

Quality Policy

  • To maintain the quality and stability of products.
  • Testing for extended properties with advanced testing equipments.
  • Approved raw material after passing the QC parameters.
  • Product passes the latest, prescribed parameters.
  • Finished Goods pass through specified testing before going to the marketplace.